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Evening Visitation


The Evening Visitation Report is an anonymous household-level report of device groupings with various aggregated demographic fields. Each location identifier is an anonymous representation of a household aggregated to as finite as a postal code or census block.


The file will be accessible via S3 credentials provided to you upon request. You may transfer the files to your local machine or to your preferred cloud for incorporation into your application, workflow or model.

Data Format

Key Value Data Type
locationid Hashed persistent value of the location identifier: individual street, large buildings String(255)
eid Encrypted Mobile Ad Identifier String(255)
zip Postal code of the location Integer(5)
county_fips Numeric variable that identifies the county where the household was enumerated using the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) coding scheme. Integer
census_tract Census tracts represent the smallest territorial entity for which population data are available Integer

Data Partitions

Key Value Data Type
year Year (YYYY) Integer(4)
week Week Number (WN) Integer(2)
state 2 letters ISO code of the state  String(2)
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